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This magnificent waterway originates in the highlands of New Quebec around the 52nd degree, north latitude, and pours its waters over a distance of about 300 miles to reach Ungava Bay. Aventure Caniapiscau fishing lodges are located on the banks of the Caniapiscau at the head of the waters, approximately 100 air miles northwest of the town of Wabush.

It is at this level of the river that the fauna of underwater predators heads each year, between July and September, to feed and reproduce.

The fishing qualities there are exceptional due to the variety, size and aggressiveness of the catches. In addition, the environment is always breathtakingly beautiful.

Fishing at Club Chambeaux allows fishermen, experts, light casting enthusiasts or fly enthusiasts to measure themselves against the Caniapiscau, where the capture of real trophies is part of everyday life for four of the most sought after sporting species in North America.

Type of fish

Type of fish

Landlocked Salmon - Speckled Trout - Grey Trout - Northern Pike



Boarding is from the Sept-Îles seaplane base. We will take you to one of our camps, Dus- terleau or Duportail. Travel is by plane. Each passenger is allowed to carry 100 pounds of luggage.

Departure and arrival of flights:

Departure and arrival of flights:

Lac Duportail: The departure is on Saturday morning from 9:00 AM and the return is on the following Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM.

Lac Dusterleau: The depar ture is on Sunday morning from 9:00 AM and the return is on the following Sunday in the afternoon at 3:00 PM.


European Plan

Seven (7) days from Saturday to Saturday (or from Sunday to Sunday.)

3999.99$ CAD +Tx / pers.

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    Caniapiscau Adventure​

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